Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em and Lynnderella Change

Hello Everyone!  Today is my Monday, so hopefully this week will fly by!! It has been HOT here over the weekend!  I am getting so excited to have summer here, but I forgot how hot our house gets! LOL  I am a total AC fan - and ours isn't working at the moment! Mr. CC will look at it and get it fixed up though, so I'm not too worried!  My office usually keeps it so cold you can see your breath, so I'm sure it will feel good to have some warmth after work tomorrow! hehe

So today I did a yummy jelly sandwich using OPI and Lynnderella!  The picture below shows 1 coat of OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em and 1 coat of Lynnderella Change. over top.

This next picture shows another coat of OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em over top of that other two coats.  This is what creates the "jelly sandwich" effect!  You take a transparent, jelly polish and stick some glitter between the coats!  I love how this makes the glitter look!

I wore this to work and really loved it!!  Below is a pic in the sun!!

As I've talked about in the past, the Lynnderella frankens are in very high demand. Leah Ann LaRowe, who is currently the only seller of Lynnderellas per Lynn, has created a wish list system. That is how I received this one. Now it did take me a few months, but there are SO many of us that want these! I understand that this is a long process, but it has worked well so far to get everyone what they want! 

You can find Leah Ann's site at You can find her Facebook HERE, which she updates constantly as to how things are moving along in her shop. Unfortunately she isn't accepting wish lists at this time because she is filling the orders of the current wish lists. She will hopefully be getting more shipments from Lynnderella soon to continue to move through them to be able to accept new lists. I've also heard rumor of another collection from Lynnderella!   We haven't seen anything yet, but each week I think we get closer to it!  I cannot wait to see what new colors Lynn has come up with!

I decided to get a little more crazy and go for another coat of glitter and another coat of jelly!  I love the 3-D look it gives the nails!  It just looks so deep and glossy!  So to be clear what you're seeing - 1 Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em, 1 Change, 1 Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em, 1 Change, and 1 Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em.  I finished with 1 coat of Wicked Fast top coat, but then that crazy gorgeous glitter on my pointer finger was a bit thick, and I added Seche Vite.
Change is gorgeous, with all different types of gold and holographic gold glitters.  I couldn't believe that hexagon on my pointer came out!  I have said it before, but will say it again, a Lynnderella is like a surprise each time you pull out your brush!  I just love it!!!
Hope everyone has a great day!!!!  Hopefully I didn't make you too hungry with my jelly sandwich!!

Much Love,

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