Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Zoya Marley and Lynnderella Sweets to the Sweet

I haven't done a crazy combo in a while!  I'm so sorry for that!  I hope you like today's! ;-)  I was feeling flirty and femine, and I think this pretty well matched what I was looking for!!!

I love Zoya Marley.  I used it with OPI Teenage Dream and it was a perfect pair!  I was looking for something very light and delicate to go with Sweets to the Sweet, and I felt like this was a great choice!  I actually grab for Marley a lot!  These photos are with 2 coats and Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat.  The sun really grabs that subtle shimmer!  Unfortunately, while swatching the sun was going down :-(  So you won't have any clear sun shots of the combo!

You can find Marley here - - This is a Share the Love link, which is a way for me to earn points through them!  So cool for me, but you guys can get something too!  See what Zoya wrote:  Remember EVERYONE WINS with "Share the Love": When someone clicks on your personal link and sets up an online account, a $5 coupon a coupon for a FREE Bottle of Zoya Nail Polish will automatically be placed in their account and can be used immediately on their current order. TIP: If you use this coupon and add 2 more polishes to your order, you get free shipping too! The coupon will appear in the "My Coupons/ Promos" section of their "My Account" Page.

Pretty great deal!  And actually I got a bottle of their Qtica Growth Stimulator  (another link!) for the price of shipping (a $20 value!) through all their gifts of Share the Love points - didn't even do anything!  And I do love Zoya, so if you want me to swatch something for you, please let me know which color you're trying to find and I will check if I have it :-D


And here is a tape mani with Lynnderella Sweets to the Sweet!  The brush grabbed quite a bit of glitter, making it very easy to apply!  The colors were just amazing to me, yellow, green, blue, pink, white, opal, orange, lime green, red, holographic - SO much glitter, it's insane!  It is like little candies on your tips!  I just love that the white is dominant though - it just so unique that way!

As I've talked about in the past, the Lynnderella frankens are in very high demand. Leah Ann LaRowe, who is currently the only seller of Lynnderellas, has created a wish list system. That is how I received this one. Now it did take me a few months, but there are SO many of us that want these!  I understand that this has been a long process.  I also know not everyone wants to wait for these from what I've read, but to me they are worth it.
You can find Leah Ann's site at You can find her Facebook HERE, which she updates constantly as to how things are moving along in her shop. Unfortunately she isn't accepting wish lists at this time because she is filling the orders of the current wish lists. She will hopefully be getting more shipments from Lynnderella soon to continue to move through them to be able to accept new lists.  I've also heard rumor of another collection from Lynnderella!  Stay tunned!!
As I mentioned earlier, this was very easy to apple!  This is only applying the polish once over the tape for the division of the nail.  I then used a top coat of Wicked Fast.


The hubby was around while I was taking pics, so there is proof I do have a right hand :-D hahah And you can see it's also not painted nearly as well! LOL

Hope everyone has a great hump day!

Much Love,


  1. "this was very easy to apple!" ..ha ;)
    LOVE Marley. One of my favs. STTS is on my wish list. Hopefully Leah Ann will take orders soon.

    1. Haha! Oh no! I didn't proofread!! LOL hope you get SttS!!

  2. I just love Zoya Marley! It's so gorgeous.

    You have the best nail shape, I swear! I'm so jealous!

    My right hand is always painted slightly worse too, LOL. Or I leave it undesigned sometimes because I get lazy LOL!!

  3. Both polishes are gorgeous and look beautiful on you Crystal!

  4. I love the glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, these two go so well together. That white glitter is dreamy.

  6. how do i order this nail polish ??

  7. the sweets to the sweet nail polish .. sorry i didnt specify :)

  8. I would like to see a swatch of zoya shelby if you have it. I have yet to swatch my sweet to the sweets, i have no clue as to what to wear it over, maybe lilacism?