Monday, April 23, 2012

OPI Hussy


Today I have a very special post!! I was convinced by my good friend and fellow blogger, Marisa, to do a red nail polish post!  Saira, another fellow blogger and friend was convinced by Marisa as well.  I have to be honest here.  I do not grab for reds.  I have them of course, but they aren't usually my go to.  I think they look nice on me, but I just think of red as a standard nail color, and it's not as "fun" haha.  However, even Mr. CC commented how nice this was and that it was very sexy and classy.  I suppose Marisa is right ;-)  Today they are wearing red too!  Please check out Marisa's blog,, and Saira's blog,, and see what they have on!

This color is very special to me because my good friend Laura picked it up or me!  I believe it was around Christmas time, so the color was perfect!  Polish is always such a lovely gift!  She told me it is a Merle Norman exclusive that she found and knew I must have!  How sweet of her to think of that and pick it up for me!  It made it even more special ;-)   Plus I just love the name Hussy!  My friend Laura made sure I knew she wasn't referring to me, LOL.  I believe this color is still available, but for more information, please check out the Merle Norman website:

Hussy is a gorgeous red with shimmer.  In the sunlight it becomes very red and bright, but in artificial lighting, it is more of a dark red.  See below for the pictures with different lighting! ;-)

Artificial Lighting

So I'm very glad I chose this as my red to wear.  I think I only wore it once since I've had it!  It is SO pretty, it should be worn more!  I do love a good red though, so I'm glad Marisa was able to talk me into it! ;-)

Am I the only one that doesn't grab for red?  Or is most of your collection red?  In looking at my collection, I see a lot of red OPI polishes, but the rest of my brands have a mix of everything.  I may need to keep a better eye on red polishes!  I could be letting some pass me by without even realizing it!!!

Hope you have a great Monday!

Much Love,


  1. This is gorgeous on you! I don't have many reds either but they're growing on me.

  2. Unf, I LOVE reds and this is no exception! :P To me red screams sexy :) I have a bunch of reds and vampy colours in my collection.

  3. This is beautiful Crystal! Maybe Marisa will succeed in converting me :o lol!!

  4. Gorgeous!!!! Even Mr. CC knows it ;0). Looks great on you Crystal!

  5. I love this colour on you Crystal, I must admit I can take or leave bright reds like this, it's why whenever i wear it find it a bit of a novelty!!

  6. Love this colour on you Crystal! I like reds, but often reach for other colours. Especially at this time of the year when it's springtime!

  7. This is my absolute favorite polish! It looks good on you!

    <3 Shannon