Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nail-Venturous Flying Blue Jay

Hi All!!!! I never should have asked for a calmer actually made for a manic Monday instead!  Hopefully today will be better! ;-) (or should I not say that lol...*erases from memory*)

Anyhoo...look at the AMAZING blooo!!!  I just LOVED this from the moment I saw it on Amy's Facebook!  You can find that, HERE!  She posts information for her shop openings on Etsy (  She currently has her shop on vacation mode, but you can be notified when she returns.  She is taking a break from selling for around the next month or so.

Flying Blue Jay is a gorgeous bright blue jelly with neon light blue, almost teal micro glitter mixed through along white hexagons in large, medium, and small.  For the pictures, I only needed 2 coats!  I used 1 coat of OPI TC and 1 coat of Seche Vite. 
I think this is pretty color accurate ;-)
I received so many compliments wearing this! It just stands out so well!!  And I mean look at this, Amy just does a fantastic job!  It's amazing to me!  I am a sucker for blues, but this one is definitely special in my collection!  If you don't know it, I do have a secret love affair with whites lately...white bases, white glitters, pretty much all of it.  Don't worry, Mr. CC knows about it... ;-) LOL

I hope your day isn't BLOO, but absolutely wonderful!!

Much Love,


  1. You have all the cool Indie Polishes!!! This one is beautiful! Love!

  2. This is stunning Crystal, I agree with Lizzy, you must wait at the comouter the moment they are up for release!! :-D xx

  3. Ahhhh this is sooooo gorgeous!