Friday, April 13, 2012

Dollish Polish Master Chief and Looking for my Mr. Big

Yay!  Friday Holos for your viewing pleasure! ;-)  Dollish Polish recently released these two new shades, Master Chief of the gaming series and Looking for my Mr. Big based on Sex and the City.

Master Chief is a green with a copper/orange shimmer that shifts to a green shimmer.  Also scattered through out is a dust of holo that shines in the sun!  Together the look is quite dazzling and gives this color a beautiful glow.  It is named after the video game, Halo.  It is my absolute favorite game that I used to play all the time with the hubby, back while dating.  Definitely reminds me of the character in the video game!

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Looking for my Mr. Big changes from pink to purple depending on the light.  It almost shines from the center, giving it a lot of depth.  It is also filled with holo shimmer, which glows!  It honestly doesn't even need the holo because by itself, it's still stunning.  The holo just adds even more beautiful to this polish!!
Dolly is moving her shop from Etsy to another website.  This should be really great so she won't have post items one at a time to update quantities and also should help with cart hopping items!  Since her polishes are high in demand, make sure to keep an eye on her Facebook page for updates!  You can find her HERE.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I just finished the first book, Hunger Games and will probably run out to buy the next two!!  I did see the movie already and loved how closely the movie mirrored the book!  Of course the book is better, so I'm officially hooked though :-)

Much Love,


  1. Looking for my Mr. Big is gorgeous!!!! Love it on you Crystal.

  2. This just makes me so much more excited to get my Master Chief! Damn things taking longer to get to Canada! LOL
    Both are beautiful on you Crystal :)