Thursday, April 5, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games Duo!!

Hello Everyone!! Today I have a couple beauties of the new Hunger Games collection by China Glaze!  Mahogany Magic and Luxe and Lush were calling to me last night!  So I started out with MM with 2 coats.  It is a rich chocolate creme color!  SO shiny, as these photos are without a top coat! ;-)


Then I added a coat of Wicked Fast top coat and then Seche Vite top coat to quickly dry it!  For me, if I only do Seche Vite, I get bad tip wear the next day.  And actually, I started typing mid-painting this mani and even had some tip wear from just that!  Must learn to tip lighter I suppose!  Anyway, in the last few pictures you'll see my tip wear - insert sad face here!

I did a diagonal tape line to paint my Luxe and Lush.  I love the way this polish glows!  And even better with Mahogany Magic as the base!  I then finished if off with another coat of Wicked Fast top coat.
This is the best picture!! It looks like fire!!

So I wore this mani all day yesterday and loved it.  I knew by the end of the day though it was on to the next color - especially with my tips peeking through.  So what I sometimes do is "play" with what I've got on!  I had just bought my first dotting tool and did that on my thumb.  I then saw my beautiful bottle of Shift Happens by Girly Bits sitting on my vanity - *light bulb*.  How amazing does this look!?!  I would do this over without the tape mani and just layer the 3 colors for the ultimate flake/shift mani!! YUM!  So again, sorry for my tips and even noticed my hands are looking dry too...please forgive me!  It's too pretty not to share!

Don't worry, I will do a full review on Shift Happens!  This was just a little bonus feature for today!  Hope you enjoyed my layering!

I bought my China Glaze from Sally's Beauty Supply as buy 2, get 1 free!  And I finally signed up for their membership program and saved an additional $1 per bottle!  I bought some Prismatics too, so it worked out to be about $4 per bottle.  Sounds like a good deal to me ;-)

Much Love,


  1. Love the addition of Shift Happens. Gorgeous!!!

  2. The addition of shift happens is stunning Crystal! I love it!

  3. I really like this! Loved the taped effect of L&L...but the layer of shift happens over that just makes it pop!

  4. I lvoe the tape effect, it makes it more subtle but I also love SHift Happens added to it! :-)

  5. I like what you did! I love this mani.

  6. this looks amazing love!
    i missed out on the hunger games polishes :(
    but im glad i can look at your beautiful nails :D