Monday, April 16, 2012

Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail

Well Hello Monday, you are here again!  :-)  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  I ended up finishing the Hunger Games trilogy.  I'm kind of glad so I can stop obsessing about what happens, but I am a tad sad for it to be over!!  I want more!!  And the movies...well it's going to be forever until the next one is released! ;-)  haha  Other than that, just a relaxing weekend for me!

So you may have heard of this color, Holy Grail by Nerd Lacquer.  Amanda sells through a few stores.  I've purchased through Harlow and Co. - HERE, Ninja - HERE, and her own Etsy shop - HERE.  She has listed an update on her Etsy site, so you can check that out.  She ran out of base and had some other things going on, which explains why she has been SO busy lately!  Hopefully she'll open in a few weeks and also supply the other shops.  Both Harlow and Ninja have custom colors that are exclusive to their shops!  They are gorgeous.  I haven't seen Harlow stock Holy Grail, but I did see it listed through Ninja.  I bought this particular bottle from Amanda's Etsy shop.

Here is Amanda's description on Holy Grail!

HOLY GRAIL is a super-fine-grained satiny linear holo in a dusty blue-green base with silver microglitter, medium blue-green iridescent glitter, and a liberal sprinkling of big square and hexagonal silver holo glitter. Oh, also? GLOWS IN THE DAMN DARK.

Glow-in-the-dark linear holo glitter polish. That's about all that needs to be said.

I love it!  It does glow in the dark, but my camera couldn't catch it.  I turned off the night before bed, and my tips were glowing!  It kind of freaked me out at first - LOL!  This polish is so pretty.  All the pieces that come together to create it, make it very different and complex, but so stunning!  Mr. CC talked about this color non-stop, asking when I would order it!  So you know it's gotta be good if he really wanted me to get it!  I kept telling him because it was out of stock, I couldn't order it, but once i had it, I wore it immediately!  I just didn't get a chance to post, so sorry for the delay! ;-)  On to the pictures!  I used 3 coats with Wicked Fast Top Coat.

See the holo?!?!

I love that in the shade you can see the irridescent glitter.  It glows!!  Such a fun creation by Amanda!  This polish was a little more than the others, I paid $16.00 for it, which I think it because of the materials to get that holo and everything! 

Hope you all have a great week!!

Much Love,