Monday, June 11, 2012

Nerd Lacquer Nebula


Hello!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I was became seriously addicted to finishing Fifty Shades series this weekend!  I honestly thought they were going to be totally different from what they were...and I really loved them!  Without giving too much away, I just loved the story of them!  I wish there was more :-)  Anyway...So now I need a break from reading I think!  I always get so wrapped up into books!!  I haven't been online since like Wednesday or Thursday lol! 

So today I want to share this polish because it is truly beautiful.  Unfortunately, the shop of Nerd Lacquer has been closed for quite a while, without response from Amanda the owner.  From what I've tried to find out, no one can get into contact with her.  I sincerely hope she is ok :-(  I have talked to Mr. CC about it and my instant thought (though dramatic), is that if something happened to her, would her husband or friend or anyone know how to log into all her information to update everyone?  I mean, I sincerely hope that isn't the case and that I'm just being drastic, but it just really makes me think.  I have told Mr. CC that I really need to sit down with all my passwords and login information so that he has that, and I for his.  Even though I don't "know" you all, I still feel as though you should know, should anything happen to me!  I have hope for Amanda to come back, and that she and her family are doing well.

Nebula is a gorgeous burgundy color with holographic glitters and blue, red, and pink hexagons.  It is so beautiful!  This is 3 coats with Seche Vite top coat.  It has almost a jelly base to it, which gives the polish a 3-D look.

 I know it isn't fair to show you guys a polish that is no longer available at this time, but I think it's too pretty not to share.  I have lots of others by Nerd Lacquer that I would like to share with you, so I may do those into one picture heavy post. 

I just hope we aren't too quick to judge something we don't know anything about.  I have read far to many negative things in regards to what may or may not have happened to Amanda.  It is a gift to become so close to this Indie brand owners, as I think it continues to unite us all together by sharing something we all love.  From what I can tell, no one knows what has happened, so I'm going to keep positive and hope that she and her family are ok.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that today isn't too bad! ;-)  Have a great day!

Much Love,


  1. It is a very beautiful polish! It is really sad that NerdLacquer is no longer around to share these polishes with the world. But I do really hope that everything is okay with her and nothing tragic happened!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous polish. I completely agree with you; I really hope that Amanda is alright!!! :( I don't think it is bad to show polish that isn't available anymore. Polishes like this are works of art, and it is so nice to be able to appreciate the beauty of the photos. :)

  3. Gorgeous!!! I thought of something going wrong with me and no one knowing too. I go to the extreme like that all the time, lol.

  4. This was one of my first Nerd Lacquers and it is also one of my favorites! I really hope Amanda is alright and we hope from her soon!

  5. Beautiful polish.

    I am almost done with the same series... I am like 17% on Book 3. I like how the series has grow... and the way it's evolving and has more depth than I had expected. I enjoy it.

  6. Beautiful polish, and I agree, I hope nothing untoward has happened, hopefully even if Amanda wants to take time out away from the polish community, then she will want to come back making those stunning polishes!

  7. Gorgeous polish and I would love to see pics of Amanda's polishes. I read some negative comments too and it makes me so sad to realize that some peopke are quick to judge and just assume that people are doing something wrong without giving them the benefit of of doubt. ... I too am hoping that she and her family are alright.

  8. I agree with you completely, Crystal - I worry too that something has happened to Amanda, but sincerely hope that perhaps she's just taking a break from the craziness. The negative hype around her disappearance seems inconsiderate to me, although I do feel for those who might have paid for an order they never received. That aside, our concern should be for her health and safety.

    I LOVE Nebula, and it looks great on you, and you have posted a wonderful review. I can't wait to see your swatches of other Nerd Lacquers - bring 'em on! :o)