Monday, November 12, 2012

Pretty & Polished - Love Always Candy Cain and Forever Young

Hello Everyone!!  I hope you had a great weekend!!  Today I have two glitters from Pretty & Polished!  These are too cute!  Both have hearts in them!
First up, we have Love Always Candy Cain, which is a red and white glitter top coat.  This has small red and white glitters, along with medium hexagons in red, large hexagons in red and white, and red and white hearts! It is fun mix!  I decided to use 2 coats of LEX Cosmetics Seashell as a base, with 1 coat of Love Always Candy Cain, and finished with Poshe top coat.  To see Seashell, please check out my previous post - HERE.
You can see in the next picture, a bit of the holo in Seashell.  I love the dark grey with the red and white!
Pretty & Polished has stocked all their Holiday colors, including Love Always Candy Cain. You can also find out more information, upcoming collection information, along with swatches on Pretty & Polished - Facebook and at
The bigger glitters are heavier and tend to sink a little.  This is easily solved by shaking a little before use and then setting upside for 10 minutes or so.  Carefully, of course, as the bottle can tip.  I recommend using other polishes to secure, or a container in which the bottle can not fall from.  Bringing the glitter to the top will make it easier to get out.  While painting this on, I did close and tip over in order to get the amount of large pieces I wanted per nail.  It may take just a bit longer, but the results are worth it in my opinion!
And here is a close up!!  The hearts will make this a cute polish for Valentine's Day too!
Next we have Forever Young, which is by Phoenix, Chelsea's daughter, for the PJ's Polish for Kids line!  I decided to go for a dark base to show off the beautiful glitters, I used 1 coat of Zoya Veruschka.  I then applied one coat of Forever Young and topped with Poshe.
Forever Young is sold at Pretty & Polished on Etsy.  It looks like Phoenix has her mother's gift!   I think it is awesome that Mother and Daughter can share in this journey of polish creation!

The glitters in this are so beautiful!  They are bright colors like a rainbow and the hearts are in red, pink, white, and blue!
I hope you enjoyed this look at two Pretty & Polished colors!!
Again, don't forget to check out Pretty & Polished on Etsy!  You can also find out more information, upcoming collection information, along with swatches on Pretty & Polished Facebook and at

Have a great day!!

Much Love,

*These polishes were sent to me for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*


  1. Great combo's they look amazing! :)

    Jazz x

  2. I'm drooling over your combo Forever Young-Veruschka!! Veruschka looks so awesome and love the hearts in FY!