Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Enchanted Polish - I Am The Walrus

Hello Everyone!! Today we have Enchanted Polish on the blog!! This is another beauty from The Beatles collection!  This is I Am The Walrus!  Are you singing the song now?  It's not just me....right? haha

Here you go...Now you can sing along with me as you look at pics ;-)

You can purchase Enchanted Polish from, Llarowe and Harlow & Co.  Also, stay up to date with them on Facebook - Llarowe - Facebook and Harlow & Co. Facebook.  Polishes range from $13-$15 each, depending where you purchase.
You stay up to date with Enchanted Polish on Facebook too! And she is doing an awesome giveaway for 5,000 "likes"! You can enter HERE!!

I used 3 coats for this mani and topped with Wicked Fast top coat.
Not only is this a fantastic multi-chrome (duo is just not enough to describe it!), but there is HOLO!  Seriously - it is stunning in person!  It's so very hard to capture for you!
So this polish shifts from green, to gold, to orange, to red.  I suppose you could call it copper in there too.  So much to look at!  **caution while driving in the sun** haha
More delicious holo pics!  The sunlight streamed into my house perfectly to capture these!  Look at that bottle!!!!
And a few zoomed in pictures!!
I couldn't resist adding this picture in.  If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I posted this while getting some Starbucks!  The sun kept hitting the polish and just making me click away with the camera!  I swear I had a couple hundred pictures O.o Should anyone ever take my phone...they will wonder why I must take a gazillion pics of my nails...
Ok, I'm done yapping now :-)  Hope you enjoyed this look at the gorgeous Enchanted Polish - I Am The Walrus!!!  It is out of stock at the shops, but hopefully a restock will be coming very quickly for you if you are looking to snag this!
I hope you all have a great day!
Much Love,
*This polish was sent to me for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*


  1. Great pictures! It's so hard to capture multichrome polishes, or holos, and you managed to show both effects of this stunning polish.

  2. I love Enchanted Polish and I love all the pictures you took here.. They look super pretty~!!!

  3. Wow that's pretty! I still don't have any of these. Some day soon! I get the gazillion pics thing - I do that, too! :) They are all fabulous!

  4. Simply gorgeous! One of my favs!

  5. Love it. I'm not a fan of The Beatles, but I love this polish. So warm and pretty.

  6. Such a gorgeous polish. I'm sure I'd walk into walls if I was wearing it.

  7. The color shifts in this polish are awesome!! I love the pic with the Starbucks :)