Friday, December 7, 2012

Girly Bits - Roger That

Hello!! Today I have a very, very special polish to show you!  This is Roger That by Girly Bits.  This is a Memorial Tribute Polish dedicated to Brady Rogers. 

Included with the polish was a beautiful note that said:
July 21st, 2012 our community was shocked, and deeply saddened by the sudden deaht of a local teen, Brady Rogers.  Brady and his closest friends and family were at his come celebrating his high school graduation when Brady collapsed and died of an asthma attack.

In his 6'4 red haired, blue eyed frame, Brady was larger than life in spirit and personality.  He was one of those kids who left an impression on everyone who's path he crossed, and he loved his friends and family deeply and wasn't afraid to show it.  My daughter came to me and asked if I could create a polish, in Brady's memory, and donate the proceeds to the Brady Rogers Memorial Bursary Fund at Kingsville District High School, from which he graduated from just weeks before.  Her and her friends came up with 2 colour inspirations, a sparkly blue, just like Brady's eyes, and a beautiful orange, just like his ginger red hair.  The names?  "Roger That" & "Gentle Ginger".

$5.00 from every bottle sold goes to the Brady Rogers Memorial Bursary Fund at Kingsville High School.

So incredibly sad that such a young life could be taken so quickly from loved ones.   What a wonderful way to honor and remember Brady.  Even though I don't know those mourning personally, my heart goes out to them, as I'm sure he is greatly missed.  I'm sure he looks down from above and smiles at this wonderful way in which he is touching the lives of so many through these beautiful polishes.

Roger That is a blue linear holo.  I used 2 coats and it applied perfectly.  This first picture shows how it would look in the shade (using my lightbox).

Still using the lightbox, I was able to get some of the holo to peek out!

I love this shot!  This polish is stunning :-)

Here are some pictures using my bedroom/kitchen lighting to draw more of the holo out.  I have to say, I'm really missing the sun during these winter months!

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A great way to stay up to date on Girly Bits is through Facebook! Pam, the owner, updates restocks and includes swatches of colors! Another great way to see upcoming collections is by following Pam's Blog! Here are the other shop's Facebooks: Harlow & Co. - Facebook, Llarowe - Facebook, Overall Beauty - Facebook, Mei Mei Signatures -  Facebook.

A couple close ups!  This is the light box!

This is the kitchen lighting!

I hope you enjoyed this look at Roger That!  I love when polish is for a good cause.  I can't imagine what his parents, family, friends, and community must be feeling.  I can guess though, he will always be missed, but never forgotten :-)

Enjoy the weekend!  Anyone want to do my Christmas shopping for me?? hehehe

Much Love,


  1. Lovely polish, I think I need this in my collection now haha :D So pretty ~!!

  2. You know I'm not a huge indie fan. but love this and wut an awesome cause!

  3. This is a gorgeous polish. What a sad loss!