Saturday, February 16, 2013


UPDATE: Nerd Lacquer did post on Saturday around 2:30 pm (Central), but I missed it :-(  I hear that things sold out immediately, and even over sold.  We all hope she restocks soon!  I hope I will catch the info and try my best to pass it along for you!  *crosses fingers* for us all to snag some next time!!!!

UPDATE:  Nerd Lacquer just posted on Google+ (Amanda uses that for her social media), that she forgot about the whole "DNS Propagation" thing wherein a newly published site can take 24-48 hours to actually become live online.  She'll post as soon as it goes live, but chances are we'll catch it first.  So let's help each other out...because that's what the nail community does!  I will let you know if I see anything!! No fighting ladies (and gents), I'm sure there will be plenty to go around!  I heard like 700 bottles this restock, but more to come.  We can be patient for something we've waited so long for, right?  *cheers* to Nerd Lacquer coming back.  We've missed you, Amanda!

Hello!!! Happy Saturday!! GUESS WHAT!?!?! NERD LACQUER *trying* TO OPENING AT 2PM CENTRAL TIME!!!!!!

So until are some of my previous posts.  Now that she's back, I feel better about sharing with you ladies!  I didn't want to flaunt my lucky purchases, but now that you can have the opportunity to buy them, let the sharing begin!!!!

I do apologize some of these are OLD posts.  I realize I've come a long way and will hopefully reswatch these...eventually.  Until then, I hope you can see the beauty that is NERD LACQUER!

Here is my previous post for Holy Grail - holo, glow in the dark = a-ma-zing!
Nerd Lacquer - Holy Grail

Nerd Lacquer - Nebula


Han Shot First and Batcave - Harlow & CO. Exclusives (hopefully coming back soon)!!
Nerd Lacquer - Harlow & CO. Exclusives - Han Shot First & Batcave

I seriously remember refreshing about 3 hours or more for Batcave and Han Shot First at Harlow & Co.  Luck was on my side that day!  And I was determined to get them!  And then when Amanda was gone, it made me appreciate my collection even more.  But I am SO beyond happy you will all have the chance to snag some Nerds too!

Bottle Shots!

Nerd Lacquer - Shiny

Masonic - made with real brick dust!
Nerd Lacquer - Masonic

These next few haven't made it to the blog yet...but enjoy! I am also going to quick try to swatch one or two more and will update this post!!

I know there will be a TON of traffic, so don't get discouraged, because it sounds like Amanda is BACK for GOOD!  I am beyond excited to try to snag a couple more beauties today!!  Best of Luck to you all!! ;-)

Much Love,


  1. If anyone misses out this time, Ninja Polish is supposed to be stocking Nerd Lacquer soon. You can check out their site to see what will be available.

  2. I totally missed it :( The story of my life lol Oh well, I've waited A LOT for this, I can wait a bit more.


  3. OMG they are all sooo beautiful.
    We don't have nailpolish like this in europe (at least I've never seen any)...
    I'm going to Florida this summer, and wanted to order some, but everything I looked at is out of stock :(
    Too bad...