Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nerd Lacquer Masonic

How could I almost forget posting this beauty!  Sorry!! So much nail mail lately, it's hard to decide what to post first!  I wore this on Saturday going to the Hunger Games!  Kind of fitting, right?  I didn't plan it, but I was so excited to try it Friday after I received it!!  It was kind of an overcast day though, so no sun pictures!  However, the camera picked up the glitter perfectly! 

I love that this polish was kind of a murky red, someone called it rusty on Instagram!  I'm not sure I would have known it was made with brick unless I had read it, but since I know it seems so obvious to me now!  There are black little pieces which might be from the brick.  Ok, otherwise it could just be black glitter.  Either way! lol  Next the rusty, brick base is sprinkled with small, round red glitters.  And to top it off is the red and orange squares and hexagons that sort of glow within the polish.

Here is Amanda of Nerd Lacquers description!

MASONIC rounds out the first NerdLacquer Special Edition line. Is it a delicious true brick red? Yes it is. Is it a suspiciously accurate shade of brick red? Why yes! That's because it's MADE OF BRICKS. Brick dust, lacquer base, crap ton of complementary glitters in burnt orange, espresso brown, coppers, and reds. Is it gritty? Kinda! I do double-filter the brick dust before mixing, to remove any offensively large masonic nuggets, but there's still definitely texture there. Personally, I think it adds to the verisimilitude, you know? Yes, it's a novelty polish, but it's also pretty rad lookin'! No, you can't build stuff with it. :(

She is right, it is gritty.  I ended up using 3 coats of Masonic, but not because it wasn't opaque.  I was having trouble trying to get the glitters positions around the nail to have it picture perfect for you guys.  Sorry there are a couple poking out here and there - lol!!  Anyway, 2 coats would have been plenty.  It does look really deep though, doesn't it!?  I did use 1 coat of Wicked Fast, and 1 coat of Poshe.  Anyway, on to the pictures!  ;-)
Indoors - artificial lighting

I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that there are 3 places you can buy Nerd Lacquer.  I purchased this from Etsy on Amanda's shop, that you can find HERE.  Ninja Polish sells it HERE. Harlow and Co. sells it HERE.  Ok, before you run to these shops - the bad news is that it isn't available at this time!  I know, I know - I'm sorry!! But Amanda should hopefully be making more as we speak, so check the shops and watch for Amanda's store to reopen!  There is also the option of notify me when in stock for Ninja and Etsy has a notify me when returning from vacation.  Both of those should help!  I know only certain colors are offered at certain places, so I am not 100% sure that all three will carry this color, as it is the newest color she has created!  All Nerd Lacquers sell for $10.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Masonic!  How amazing to have a polish made with bricks!  So unique!

Have a great day!! ;-)

Much Love,


  1. Love this! I didn't know it was made with bricks, so cool!!

  2. It is so beautiful!! I regret now that I didn't order it:(

  3. i'm totally regretting not ordering this looks so gorgeous on you!

  4. How gorgeous is this!! i like how the "brick-ness" adds an edge to the red, so very cool :D