Friday, February 1, 2013

Pretty and Polished - Spring Sonata 2013

Happy February!!!  Spring is coming soon!!  (Thank goodness...this 10 degree (F) weather really stinks!!).  And with Spiring, comes polish, I mean pastels :-) Here is a peek at the upcoming Spring Sonata collection by Pretty & Polished!! Don't these colors look fantasic?

You can purchase Pretty & Polished on Etsy or Pretty & Polished on MyShopify. You can also find out more information, upcoming collection information, along with swatches on Pretty & Polished - Facebook and at
Which are your favorites?  I love them all, but Lady Lavender and Bashful Bouquet caught my eye first!!  But really, who can go wrong with pastels!?  I think these are perfect for any polish collector, especially around this time of year!  I want some Easter Egg tips!!  And we'll have a month to save up too!  Yay!
Hope you have a great day!
Much Love,

1 comment:

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