Friday, February 1, 2013

Miss March Lacquer - Shimmy

Hi Everyone!! Sorry today I am a late with a post!  I fell asleep very early last night and couldn't make myself wake up to do a post!! I'm was trying to update this on my iPad today, but the blogger app is useless hahaha!!
This is Miss March Lacquer Shimmy!! You can purchase at Miss March's Etsy shop.  You can also find Miss March Couture on Tumblr at for additional swatches, news, and store updates.
This color is gorgeous!! It has the duochrome effect of blue to a green/gold.  The gold looks like little shimmers and is stunning!  I'll have a better pic later in the post!
This is two coats with Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.  It applied perfectly!!
This is my bedroom lighting, but I just LOVE how it brings out that shimmer I was talking about!
This picture is blurry, but look at how beautiful!
Close up!
Also, I have some cuticle balm to show you!!  I should have taken before and after pics of my cuticles, but I wasn't thinking! Sorry!  But I do have to say I love this.  It is hard, but melts from your warmth as you apply it.
I'm not sure if you guys know what Scentsy is, this scent is so similar to Skinny Dippin', which I LOVE!!  Scenty products are plug in ceramics that melt the wax with a light bulb.  They make the whole house smell awesome!!
Butt Naked in Bed reminds me of tropical fruits maybe with some orange in there?  I'm kinda bad at describing a scent.  I stick with, "OMG, It's DELICIOUS!" lol ;-)

Here is a little info that is posted on Jen's Etsy!! I thought it was so interesting!!
"The FIRST and ORIGINAL etsy nail shop to offer hand knitted couture, cuticle oil, balm & other bath & body products. I intend to keep my shop as original as possible. Just because every other polish shop has decided to jump on the bandwagon and offer cuticle oil & balms, does not mean that they are raising their own bees, collecting their own wax, and have been making their own bath and body products for years for their family like I have. Therefore my shop will take a new direction. In addition to the finest hand blended nail polish, I will be soon offering a cosmetics line, and additional bath and body products. These items are currently in the testing phase and will not be released until they are absolutely perfect."
You can sort of see the swirls in the thick balm from pushing into it.  It warms and becomes an oil on the skin as you rub it in.  It also absorbs very nicely!

Jen from Miss March Lacquer included 3 cuticle balms for the giveaway, along with three Shimmy polishes!! I am so excited that each winner will be able to try her polish and cuticle balm! I have used mine for the last few days, and I love the smell and how it is working!! A huge thank you to Jen for her donations for the giveaway!  Make sure you enter - HERE!

Thank you and have a great day!!

Much Love,

*These products were sent to me for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*

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