Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday!

Hello My Loves!!  I hope you don't mind that I am going to take the morning off.  I need a little break! haha I spent last night relaxing and watching a few TV shows (catching up on The Office) with Mr. CC.  We had a very low key Valentine's Day, but that is ok with me, because it's fun to just spend time together.  Maybe a bit cheesy, but it's true!  Anyway, instead of scrambling to put together a post, I decided that I'll work on it this weekend.

It has been a crazy week for me, but I'm hoping things are going to calm down some next week!  At my work, my department has moved to a new location within our building.  We have been under construction for the past 4-5 months (and still have a lot more to go), but we're glad to finally be in our new section.  I have a beautiful office, but the move has been crazy!  I literally have paper everywhere, so it's been a bit stressful trying to get everything done as well as organized while also trying to reduce my file sizes!  I have mentioned on my social media that I am very thankful to have everyone's support and apologize for any delays with my reviews :-)

I also am thinking of extending my giveaway another week.  I have a couple more surprises on the way and really want to make sure everyone has had a chance to enter.  Also, don't forget you can tweet daily for bonus points!  If anyone has a huge problem with me extending it, please let me know.  I want to be fair to everyone, but I am hoping it isn't a big deal :-)

Love you all and hope you enjoy the weekend!  I hope to have some fun posts over the weekend!

Talk to you soon,

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