Thursday, October 18, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...!

Are you going to be singing the Sound of Music too now? lol It's stuck in my head!
So for today, I decided to take a break from a post on manis and show you some of my favorite things for beauty!! :-)  I am sure I have more than these items that I love, but these are just what I grabbed for a quick post - enjoy!
First up, CHI Silk Infusion.  I don't use a straightener, but I hear this is great for if you do.  I have extremely fine hair and it loves to knot when it's wet.  I use a couple drops of this baby, and I am brushing through with ease!  And it leaves my ends looking healthier without being too greasy.  A little goes a long way and these bottles last me forever!  I buy from Ulta or sells it too.  I think it's somewhere around $25, depending where you can find it!
Oh make my hair a dream.  I use the cleansing conditioner too, but my hair is too fine to use it every day.  This styling creme is fantastic though!  I use just a dab, maybe a dime size, and it gives me a bit more body as well as keeps my static to a minimum.  In winter, I can seriously look like I put my finger in an outlet my hair stands up with so much static :-D hahaha  This is sold online at or you can find it at QVC.  It looks like they have a 6oz for $24 now!
Avojuice...oh how I love this.  Jasmine smells so delicious to me!!  I buy this from my Ulta for around $7-8.  I love how soft it makes my hands feel!!
If you like almond, you will LOVE this Solar Oil as much as I do!  I bought this when I went to the beauty shop (they are a few hours away).  I believe Ulta carries it or you can find it online.  This oil is nice because it's not too greasy either.  I want to eat my fingers when I put it on!
My wonder mini brush!  This cleans up any messes I make and helps me keep the manis looking great for pictures :-)  I actually have come a long way and don't use it as much as I had to before!!  I use a little cup with Acetone and dip this in there.  I found this at Michael's craft store.
My FAVE nail file.  My hubby even steals this!  I love glass files and this one does not disappoint!  I am quite picky and I am so glad I tried this.  You can find it for $12 at Cult Nails. 
Another Cult Nails favorite is their base and top coat duo!! Get It On is great! It dries fast and is quite glossy on it's own.  If I must go Nekkid...I at least throw that on so I'm not completely exposed ;-) haha  Wicked Fast has easily become my go to top coat.  I'm sure it's been noticed that I say, "I topped with Wicked Fast top coat", right? haha I do use Seche Vite too, but Wicked Fast is just my Holy Grail top coat.  It dries fast and I don't get tipwear with it on!  You can find it at Cult Nails.
Smashbox High Definition Concealer is amazing.  It really covers my blemishes and actually even helps clear them up!  I have such picky skin, so for this to work for me - I am ecstatic!  I bought this at my Ulta for $20, but a little goes a long way and one tube lasts me a long time!
Too Faced Shadow Insurance is my lifesaver!! I found this a few years ago and haven't stopped using it since!  It is a silky primer for your lids that prevents creasing and helps your color to stay where you put it!  I used to also crease and look quite awful by the end of the day.  Now my eye makeup stays put for the entire day with no problem!  I only use a small dot, as again, a little goes a long way.  One tube lasts absolutely forever, and I buy either from Ulta, Sephora, or at for $18.  I actually use a lot of loose eye shadow, so I really love this for blending and applying!
Another Too Faced product I swear by is Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder in Chocolate.  They have a lighter version of Milk Chocolate too, but I find this one is ok for me.  It smells like chocolate.  How can you not love that!?  And it does give me the perfect glow to my fave!  Plus it's gentle enough that I don't break out.  It is sold at Ulta, Sephora, or for $29.
My brushes!!! I have a huge colletion of brushes, but only grabbed my eye shadow brush and my bronzer brush.  These are sold by Everyday Minerals and are SO SOFT!! They clean very well with a light shampoo.  I use lots of brushes for blending of the eyes and different ones for foundation, bronzer, or blushes!  They have a great line of them that you can find at  Prices vary depending on the brush, but I feel they are very reasonable for the value.

Oh and even my cat loves these brushes.  I used to have to hide them in my containers, but he would actually dig them out on my dresser!!  I could always tell when he had one...because of how guilty he looked.  One brush he left teeth marks in the wood!  He's a brat :-D
Nurtura by Avon!  I don't even know how I got onto this!  I just love the smell of it - not even sure how to describe it, but now it just reminds me of bed time.  I slather this on, especially in the winter months, and it refreshes my skin!  I wake up with a nice glow to start the day!  You can find this Here for $8.50, but I actually buy in bulk from Ebay! I recommend checking feedback before ordering there though! 
Vaseline.  I hear some people that love it.  Others that hate it.  I am one who loves it.  SO much.  I apply a bit to my lips - viola! My lips have a bit of gloss without being sticky, and it gives me a soft pink color.  It absorbs into my lips too, moisturizing them, which is perfect for those hard winter winds that chap!  My Mom uses it to remove eye makeup.  I don't like to, but I know it works well and hydrates the eyes.  I just find it bothers my eyes when I wake up.  And here is an awesome trick I learned, have you ever hit your arm or leg on something?  If no, then you must be perfect, hahaha! Because I bump into things all the time.  Plus I bruise like an 80-year-old woman.  SOOOO...immediately after bumping yourself, apply Vaseline to the area and it will prevent the bruise from coming to the surface.  It still will hurt, but I actually had a wedding a few weeks ago and fell on my stairs.  I still have pain my knee from how hard I fell!!  But guess what, it didn't show!!!  I wore my dress without anyone having the slightest idea that my elbows and knees were horribly bruised!  So for it, I keep it in my purse, by my bed, in my bathroom, and at my desk.  It's my little wonder cure.  Walgreens and probably any drug store will carry this for a few bucks!

So that's just a few things I wanted to share.  I hope you enjoyed this look at some of my favorites!!  Maybe some other bloggers want to post their favorites?  Being a beauty fanatic, I'm always looking for things to add to my regimen.  Feel free to comment with your items too!  I would absolutely enjoy hearing what you love!!
Hope you have a great day!
Much Love,

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  1. Ever tried Vaseline on your cuticles? It softens them if you put it on before you go to sleep!