Monday, October 15, 2012

Dollish Polish - What's This? What's This?

UPDATE!!! Fixed my computer PLUS took regular pics outside...they turned out so much better :-)

You know you can buy Dollish Polish at (or you can find it by typing just too).  And stay in contact with Dolly at her Facebook and Blog!! Enjoy!!

Much Love,

This is such a great representation of Hayden!! It is SO hard to photograph!

Hi everyone!!! Super short post today because my computer decided to malfunction and I spent almost an hour and a half messing with it. I give up. Until tomorrow at least. Any way, this is from my phone, so hopefully it works!!

I am wearing Julep Hayden with two coats topped with Dollish Polish What's This? What's This? topped with Seche Vite.

What's This? What's This? is a mix of glitters of purple, orange, green (lime green too), white (bar glitter too), and black!! There are even some large black squares hiding in there! Such a gorgeous mix for Halloween!!

Hope you enjoyed today's post! Sorry it isn't my usual style!! I used indoor lighting as well.

Have a wonderful day!!

Much Love,