Monday, August 20, 2012

Wonder Beauty Products - Lollipop Explosion

Hello Everyone!!  I hope you all enjoyed the weekend!!  I am starting out this week with another new scented polish from Wonder Beauty Products!!!!  This one smells like candy!!  And I'm seriously in love with this - white jelly with glitter, shimmer, and shards - OH MY!   There are lots of glitters in this one in squares, hexagons, and bar glitters!  I had to show my right had too, because the random colors that are on each nail are just beautiful!!  

This is 2 coats of Lollipop Explosion with Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.  I have to tell you, this polish is smooth for the amount of glitter in it!! Wicked Fast to me is a thinner top coat.  A lot of times for glitter polishes, Seche Vite is the better choice top coat because it helps smooth out any glitter sticking up.  I really was surprised I didn't need Seche Vite because sometimes bar glitter or shards misbehave.  Not with this beauty!!  I seriously love this polish.  For all my white glitter polish girls, I would say this is a must have for your collection!


So the whole scented polish thing...I love it because it's like perfume for your nails. If you bring your hands near your face like I do, you'll get a little whiff of it during the day. It can still be smelled through the top coat, which is awesome! I was trying to think of what the candy scent reminded me of. I went back to Clown Toots to compare the two swatched on paper, and you know what?! I can get the hint of popcorn from that one! I didn't notice it very much at first, but maybe I could tell compared to Lollipop Explosion, as the latter is much more of a sweet scent. Both smell really good though. Clown Toots is sweet too, kind of like a bit of cotton candy, which together with popcorn sounds weird, but it surprisingly works together!  I think maybe Lollipop Explosion is like PEZ candy or something sugary and sweet like that. Anyway, I am a fan of scented polish now :-) You can smell it a little when applying it, but when it's dry is when it smells the best!


Keep an eye for this coming soon at Jen's shop on Etsy, Wonder Beauty Products. Polishes range from $10-12, and are sold in palettes (jars) or bottles. Also, you can also see upcoming colors and get updates from her Blog and Facebook!  She also sometimes does giveaways too, so I would follow her to get info!


And here is a yummy close up of all the glitters!!  And I just love Jen's white bases with the gorgeous shimmer!  It applies like a dream too - which is so nice with white polish!  Cream whites can apply chalky, but this is a jelly-like consistency.  You can see a little of my tips, but either another coat or layering would help make it completely opaque.  This actually ended up being more opaque at 2 coats than I thought it would be :-) Bonus!
I hope you enjoyed this look at another Wonder Beauty Products polish!  I hope you have a great day!

Much Love,

*This product has been sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*