Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dollish Polish - Expecto Patronum and Urban Camo

Never did I ever think I would watch Harry Potter.  I never got into the books.  I never understood the hype.  I just didn't pay attention to it.  Flash forward to today and who knew that it would be a nail polish to get my interested in it.  Seriously, Expecto Patronum made me curious and we had a box set borrowed from my little brothers of the first three movies.  Last weekend we watched the first movie.  This past Saturday we watched the second and third ones.  Then Sunday we watched the fourth through sixth which "magically" seemed to be on TV.  Talk about a movie marathon!  Those of you that have watched them, you know how extremely long they are!  But in a totally good way.  I'm excited to watch the next ones - don't tell me what happens! lol I seriously have no clue! ;-)  But...I've been running all over the house with my pretend wand saying "Expecto Patronum" and wearing this mani only made me say it more...

Anyway, back to the polish.  I am on a huge white with glitter kick.  It's my new thing and I love it.  I think I'll love it more with a tan in the summer, but either way - I - LOVE - IT!  haha!  Marketta from had a swatch on Instagram.  I just kept looking at it.  It was SO pretty.  And from there the name just got me curious - I had to know what it meant.  And now that I know, it totally makes me love this polish more!

This is a reformulation from my understanding, I believe the original was more opaque with the glitter not as visible.  This new version has a white jelly consistency with tiny teal glitter speckled through out along with teal hexagons and the occasional gold flakie (which I could not pick up on camera for the life of me!)  Then there are these other smaller hexagons that reflect holographic with a teal tone.  It applied well with 3 coats in the pictures below, but it dried very quickly between coats.  It is topped with 1 coat of Wicked Fast by Cult Nails.  The picture above is in the sun.  Also, the jelly makes the glitter look suspended - one of my favorite looks!

Unfortunately, the Dollish Polish shop is closed, but I've seen her mention a few places that it will hopefully open towards the end of the week!  Keep your eyes open by following her on Facebook - HERE!   HERE is the link to her store on Etsy as well!  Each bottle is $8.
Shade outside

So today will be a two for one because I had to post this awesome color.  Urban Camo looked SO awesome from Dolly's pictures.  Then I found out it was named after Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, which Mr. CC plays alllllll the time!  haha  I knew I needed this color.  Then when it arrived the other day (by extremely fast shipping), I fell even more in love with it!  Those little green glitter just GLOW on the nail!  You can see other new released colors on Dolly's Blog - HERE.

Here is her description, which is perfect! 

Inspired by Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare, this funky shade is micro fine glitters in black and neon green, accented with medium lime green hexagons and larger White hexs with Black squares all in a clear jelly base.

Oh do I love those black squares!!  Pulling those out was like an awesome surprise each time!  You can see it on my ring finger below.  I immediately began to go through combinations in my head when I saw this polish on Dolly's blog and when it arrived, a few actually didn't show off the neon green small dot glitter as well as I hoped.  Instead, I went for a darker color.  I used OPI You Don't Know Jacques, 2 coats.  Then over that is 1 coat of Urban Camo with Wicked Fast Top Coat.  I think the two were made for each other!!!


I hope you enjoyed my long post, and if you haven't checked out Dollish Polish, I hope you will!  The formula on both of this was outstanding.  I really enjoy the combinations that Dolly comes up with and know she's working on other things to release soon too!  When she opens, her store has a vast array of colors to choose from, so if neither of these are your cup of tea, I can almost guarantee you that she'll have something for you!  I try to post her info on my Facebook or Twitter if I see she's opening, which you can find my links under the Contact Me tab.

Again the Dollish Polish shop is closed, but I've seen her mention a few places that it will hopefully open towards the end of the week! Keep your eyes open by following her on Facebook - HERE! HERE is the link to her store on Etsy as well! Each bottle is $8.

I hope you all have a great day!!

Much Love,


  1. Oooh, Expecto Patronum is so pretty! I didn't pick it up last time when Dolly's shop was open because I was on a strict no-buy :(

  2. looks like your Expecto has more glitter than mine :( heheh I love it! and OMG I want Urban Camo, so cool

  3. You layered Urban Camo EXACTLY how I envisioned when I created it!! I may have to steal your pic for the shop!
    A-MAZ-ING!!! So glad you are loving them!!!

  4. Where can I get some of this polish? I love the one called Expecto Patronum!!!

  5. oh that urban camo is awesome - i need to add that one to my next dp order for sure!

  6. Expecto Patronum is soooo gorgeous!!! I think I may need to get it :-/.

  7. I love Expecto Patronum, it's so minty and refreshing looking!

  8. Stunning Crystal, I want your nails! can I have them please? Have I already asked you that?? :-D xxx

  9. Camila - I hope your no buy is up, as she opens tomorrow ;-) Otherwise I'm sure she'll open again in the future when you can buy! Hope you can get yourself a bottle!! Thank you!

    Polish Amor, I think it's the new formula! It's like a jelly, so the glitter really stands out! Thank you! Hope you get Urban Camo!

    Thank you SO much Dolly!!! It is such an honor to hear you say that! ;-)

    Ashley, the links are in the post, but Dolly has a shop on Etsy called Dollish Polish! Hope you can order some - they are lovely!

    Gnarly Gnails - lol my hubby saw your name and loves it ;-) Also, it is so awesome - hope you can get yourself a bottle! I can't wait to try it over other colors too!

    Thank you, Marisa!! I think so it's too beautiful not to own!

    Arblat - isn't it!? thank you ;-) It's even prettier in person!

    Thank you so much Lizzy!! I am glad to add them to my collection!

    Oh Esther! You make me blush - and smile like crazy!!! Thank you!! totally made my day!! I think your nails are lovely, so we can trade ;-) But I need your art ability!! those leopard print ones were SO cute!!

  10. I love both of these, but definitely prefer Expecto Patronum!! It's because I love the HP books & films, and your swatches of it just look awesome!

  11. I ordered Expecto Thursday when she reopened, thanks to your wonderful swatches :)))) Reminds me of toothpaste. I can't wait to get it. wonderful for spring, and fun for summer against a good tan :) thanks! I adore your blog girl!

  12. I think I missed it! I want Expecto!!