Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lynnderella ChocoLotta Love

Look at that delicious bottle!  Ok, we'll get to that later.  First, my base was Nubar Gold Feather.  Now after looking online at swatches, I feel like my label was switched with Gold Leaf!  So beware if you love this color and are looking to purchase.  I bought this direct from Nubar.  Even looking at their site, it looks like I have the wrong label.  Anyway, I love this color.  It is a gold that shifts to a mauve/pink color.  I apologize for the crazy angles, but this bad boy wouldn't photograph very well for me.  Plus in some pics, it shows my ridges from my weak nails!  Lol sorry!!

As I mentioned a few days ago, the Lynnderella frankens are in very high demand.  Leah Ann LaRowe, who is currently the only seller of Lynnderellas, has created a wish list system. That is how I received this one. Now it did take me a couple months, and I still even have some on back order.  There are SO many of us that want these, so I understand that this is going to be a long process. I know not everyone wants to wait for these from what I've read, but to me they are worth it. 
You can find Leah Ann's site at You can find her Facebook HERE, which she updates constantly as to how things are moving along in her shop. Unfortunately she isn't accepting wish lists at this time because she is filling the orders of the current wish lists. She will hopefully be getting more orders soon to continue to move through them to be able to accept new lists. 
ChocoLotta Love is gorgeous.  I know, I know! I always say they're a surprise in a bottle...but seriously!  Every time I dipped my brush, I got a new color glitter out!! And you can see it on my nails.  It was like it was changing colors within the bottle!!!  Ok, not really, but it seriously amazed me (I suppose it doesn't take much to keep me entertained!).    There are pink, blue, green, lime green, orange, brown, purple, and red glitters all mixed through in shapes of square, round, and hexagon, with all different sizes.  The main concept of the polish is the brown small hexagons with brown micro glitter.  In the light, these shine almost a bronze color.  I believe the base was clear? It's hard to tell but I think because of the glitter it is more murky now.  It also seems to be matte?  Call me crazy, but maybe that is why the polish has the texture it does.  Which, by the way, I used 1 coat of Wicked Fast and 1 coat of Poshe.

So I do love this polish.  I have a darker brown I was going to use for this, and maybe will try that in the future.  I did like the lighter brown under this though.  I think it lost the duochrome, but that was ok with me ;-)

Friday is almost here...we can do it!  LOL  I apologize I haven't been as timely with commenting back on here!  I do read and appreciate every single comment!  This has been a busy week!  I will try to write back soon!  I am on Twitter and Facebook if you do have a question for me ;-)

Much Love,


  1. I love this mani!!! I haven't been lucky yet to snag a Lynnderella.

  2. I love the Chocolotta Love one!! So pretty.

  3. this one grows on me more and more every time i see it. but gah the process to get them is a nightmare to me, glad i got ctd back when it was easier to just stalk the store for it.

  4. Wow that Lynderella is very pretty!

  5. This is a very pretty brown! SO PRETTY!

  6. S'funny, I ordered Gold Leaf and received Gold Feather... (sent it back tho) Thanks for this - I just got Chocolotta Love and was trying to work out what to wear as undies! :-)

  7. I really love this polish on you!!