Friday, March 2, 2012

GOSH Ocean and Miss Minty

Today I have the last two GOSH polishes!  I hope you've enjoyed seeing them and a few comparisons!!  First up is Ocean.  It is a beautiful, mermaid like polish that has a duochrome from greenish teal to a blue.  In the bottle you can see some purple, but unfortunately most of that is lost on the nail.  For the pictures, I used 2 coats and 1 coat of Poshe.  In the pictures, the brush strokes are visible, but in person, it wasn't as obvious.  The color is very bright though, as it almost glows on the nails! 

A tiny bit of the purplish coming through!

Next is Miss Minty.  I believe I used 2 coats (forgot to write it down, sorry!) with 1 coat of Poshe.  This color is a nice cream.  I don't have anything this light of a teal, but it is slightly lighter than China Glaze Crushed Candy (Crackle), which should be similar to For Audrey.  I've wanted For Audrey for a while, just haven't picked it up.  If I do in the future, I will do a comparison :-)

Below I thought OPI Metallic 4 Life would look awesome over this shade, but it actually didn't look as good as I wanted, so I only did one nail.  I think the black jelly looked too streaky over it.  I bet a nice sparkle would be pretty layered over this though!

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures!  I do have another comparison for Gosh Rusty, but I haven't done that yet.  I have lots of other great manis coming up too!  I had a request for China Glaze Techno, so I hope to do that this weekend.  I am going to compare that to a few other glitters I have too!  Also, I'm excited to share with you more of Pretty & Polished!  So many fun posts coming up! :-)

Have a great weekend!!

Much Love,


  1. Both of these colours look amazing on you Crystal! Seeing Ocean swatched makes me happy that I finally gave in & bought it; it's gorgeous!!

    1. It is lovely!! I hope you enjoy it as Much as I do!! Thank you!!

  2. These are both gorgeous!! Ocean is amazing. I love a good duochrome ;0).

  3. I think the "Miss Minty" would be more comparable to China Glaze's "Re-Fresh Mint" rather than "For Audrey". "For Audrey" is more of a Robin's Egg Blue than a teal. :)

    Both colors are very pretty though btw. :)

    1. You are completely right Nail Art by Tawny!! I hope to get both someday!! I'm a sucker for anything green, mint, teal, or blue!! Lol ;-) Thank you