Thursday, March 1, 2012

GOSH Purple Heart VS Zoya Ki

A bit blurry, but you get the idea of color :-)

Today I have a comparison post of GOSH Purple Heart VS Zoya Ki.  These two are similar in their shift from purple, to a greyish, to green.  Purple Heart is a tad darker in color, but also a thicker formula.  I almost could have gotten away with 1 coat!  But I did 2 coats for the pictures with 1 coat of Poshe.  This is on my Middle and Pinky fingers.  Ki is a lot more sheer.  But when I have sheer polishes, I think they are great for layering!  I used 3 coats for the pictures along with 1 of Poshe.  You will see in the pictures how there is a difference in color, but overall the two are very similar.  At first when I looked at the bottles, I thought they would be perfect dupes!  However, I realize how how sheer Ki is and it does show on the nail. 

On a side note, my Mom, Sister, and I went to see The Vow!  I just love Rachel McAdams! :-)  I won't tell you about the movie, other than I liked it!  I had no idea what to expect, but in thinking it over, I want to watch it again.  That usually to mean means a great movie.  I don't think anything will ever top The Notebook though.  Rachel McAdams and the gorgeous Ryan Gosling are forever my favorite movie couple!  lol  Ok...on to the pictures! 

I'd say Purple Heart is awesome if you only need a quick 1, maybe 2 coat mani, but I think Ki is more shimmery and has a bit more duochrome to it.  Both give the duochrome effect though, which is always awesome!  And I love both brushes! haha I'm not sure when I got so picky about a brush, but either way, I feel like both Zoya and GOSH give me more precision with their smaller brushes.

We're getting closer to the weekend!! I'm sure I have lots to do, but hopefully I'll sneak in a movie or something!  Hope you enjoyed my comparison!

Much Love,


  1. Another great comparison Crystal!! I think the Zoya would be my preference. I want to see The Vow. It looks like such a good movie. Hopefully, I get to go soon. I'll let you know.

  2. oooh! Awesome! I shall get Ki since I can not get PH which has been on my wish list forever. haha Ki it is. :)

  3. Great comparison! I don't have Ki but I did pick up Purple Heart when I was in London this past October and I LOVE it!

  4. Thank you Marisa! I like Gosh for the thickness, but I'm thinking Zoya could be layered over a dark grey or black to get the same effect! Hope you get a chance to see The Vow! Can't wait to hear your thougts on it!

    Thank you Becky! I do love Purple Heart too! It had been on my list for a while, so I was glad to receive it! Duochromes are SO fun! lol

  5. Thank you Robyn! I knew you posted, but blogger keeps marking people as spam! Bad Blogger! lol I hope you love Ki! And like I said to Marisa, I bet it can be layered over a dark color if you'd like it to be almost an exact dupe to PH! I will have to try it! ;-)

  6. Thanks for the comparison Crystal! Both colours are after my own heart; I prefer the finish of the Zoya though. I love The Notebook, one of my most favourtite movies ever!!

  7. Welcome Saira!! I love both too!! And I must watch The Notebook soon ;-) it's been too long!!

  8. Ki wins hands down for me. Another Zoya color added to my wish list. Thanks so much for sharing