Monday, July 23, 2012

Othello Mani

 Hi Everyone!! I'm excited for today's post!!! I've had this idea ever since I saw these 4 black & white glitters!!  I am excited to have these beauties!!  I couldn't think of a name for this mani, so I asked Mr. CC his thoughts.  He said this looked like the board game, Othello.  After Googling a picture, I have to agree!  lol!!  I have no idea how to play this, but hey, if it matches my mani, looks like a great game ;-) hahaha
So I decided to go with this bright green by Misa called The Grass is Greener on My Side.  It reminded me of Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy, but after looking at them side by side, Feelin' Froggy is more green while The Grass is more of a teal.  Both are gorgeous of course with their amazing shimmers!
This is 2 coats of The Grass is Greener on My Side, with no top coat since I planned for the glitters. 


So my idea was to start with the largest black & white glitter and then get smaller, then go larger again.  On the thumb an pinky is Colorblind by Dandy Nails, which is black and white glitter hexagons.  Next on the pointer and ring finger is Colorblind^2, squared because they are little black and white squares!! Then for the middle finger, 1 coat of Asbestos with 1 coat of Carbon Copy, both by Windestine. Asbestos is white square glitter and Carbon Copy is black hexagon glitter.  All of the black and white gitters are in clear bases.  I topped it all off with Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat.

I love how this turned out!  The possibilities with black and white glitter are endless!  So many different bases you can use, can layer them together, or even fade them the other way of large in the middle with them getting smaller!  I bet all four would be awesome on one nail too!  Black and White glitter overload!! :-D

Here is Asbestos and Carbon Copy by Windestine
Here are the bottle shots!  If you love black and white glitter like I do, you really can't go wrong owning all of these!  You can purchase Windestine on Etsy,  And Dandy Nails on Etsy too,  For updates on Dandy Nails polishes, you can follow the Facebook page.  Both shops are currently closed, but will hopefully restock soon!! 


Here are some more pictures, because honestly, I loved this too much not to spam you guys with it!!! ;-)
I hope you enjoyed my Othello mani!  I had no idea when doing choosing that base it would look like the game, but I am just going to go with it!  I am glad to finally show you this idea!!!  And how cool that I have a thumb, right? hehe I like that I could show my whole hand for once! ;-)

I hope you have a great day and a great week!

Much Love,