Thursday, July 26, 2012

Barry M - Dusky Mauve with Models Own - Disco Heaven

Hello Everyone!! I must give a couple birthday shout outs today!!  Well yesterday was my kitty, Bear's birthday!!! He turned 7!! And today is my baby, Coda's birthday!!  He is turning 3!!!  And also, a very happy birthday to my friend Keilah that I work with!  I am off today, so unfortunately I'm not spending it with her, but I am thinking of her and hoping she has a great day!!

Happy Birthday Bear!  7yrs
Happy Birthday Coda!! 3yrs

So first up I wore Barry M - Dusky Mauve yesterday (does anyone else want to call it Dusty?! LOL)!  I just LOVE it!! It is considered a dupe to Chanel Paradoxal, but since I don't have it for you to compare, this is a great comparison post by Lacquerized!

This is 2 coats of Dusky Mauve with Poshe top coat. I am thrilled to finally own a version of this!! And the Barry M formula is perfect!!  It is a gorgeous sort of plum/brown/dark taupe color with that amazing surprise of purple shimmer!  I absolutely love that hidden shimmer!!

You can purchase Barry M from Harlow and Co. for $7 and shipping is free anywhere for orders over $50!! I received this in a swap from my good friend, Saira!  You can check out her awesome blog, The Girl With the Green Nails.

After work yesterday, I was going to my friend Jessica's for a girls night, and decided to add some spice to this!  I picked Models Own Disco Heaven to layer over top.  I love the way it turned out!  Disco Heaven is a gorgeous square gold glitter with hexagons that reflect blue/purple and even in some lights as teal! So much fun!
Models Own can also be purchased from Harlow and Co. for $10 each.  I did receive this from Saira too!  I am so spoiled ;-)  Thank you again Saira!
Notice how the sun still brings out the purple shimmer through the glitter - gotta love that!  I used 1 coat of Disco Heaven with 1 coat of Seche Vite.  I'm honestly not even sure why I was grabbing different top coats, haha, I just use what's ever in front of me ;-)
And here are a couple zoomed in pics for you guys.  I know they aren't the best quality, but you get the idea!  It really shows off the little squares!! :-D


So I'm heading out to enjoy the day...LOVE having a day off!! (which is because my work offers a personal vacation day near your birthday...hehe).  So next week Friday is my actual birthday.  Should I do a fun birthday mani?  I will need to think of something then...

I hope you all have a great day!!  I'm hoping I do too :-D

Much Love,


  1. Dusty Mauve is gorgeous! Must add to the wishlist! :)

  2. Dusky Mauve is a beautiful color but combined with Disco Heaven is to die for!!! :D