Monday, February 13, 2012

Lynnderella - She Lived in a Swamp

I cannot tell you how beautiful this one is! Ok, I know I say that about all of them, but this is another one I almost passed on.  I remember the day I got it in the mail - it was on back order from Leah Ann's shop (Llarowe).  I opened it up and just gasped.  It is SO shiny!  And that lime green is just gorgeous.

So I wasn't sure what I wanted to pair this with.  I hadn't worn it before and decided I didn't want to do a matching color for the base.  I thought instead, lets go with a theme of a swamp.  What else would be found in a swamp?  Mud.  So having just received the gorgeous Let's Get Nekkid collection, I went for the two darkest colors.  I decided I liked Swanbourne the best (Tulum just wasn't enough contrast for me), and went for it!  I cannot tell you how much I loved this combination!  It's so striking!

I did two coats of Swanbourne and 1 coat of She Lived in a Swamp.  The gold flecks in Swanbourne (previous reviewed HERE) really match this shiny glitter.  The base of She Lived in a Swamp has a small amount of shimmer with a very light green hue.  The glitter is a mix of small hexes, larger hexes, squares in a light green color with bar glitter, hexes and squares in a lime green/almost yellow color along with even smaller true green glitter specked throughout.  There are even a few large true green hexes thrown in that I almost missed, like on my middle finger!  I just love the layers that go into these polishes.

I think part of why I love this is because it's so unexpected and different from what I've seen.  Swanbourne almost looks black and mysterious, but in other lights, the true dark brown shines through.

Leah Ann is actually hosting a fundraiser for the American Heart Association!  You can participate on Facebook on her page - HERE.  Lynn has made some amazing limited edition polishes!!  Also, Leah Ann will be having a site sale!!   Again, her site is HERE!  Make sure to check it out!! She's even going to have goodie bags available to purchase!


I went out with my girlfriend for a few drinks!  Who doesn't love a good martini?

I hope you enjoyed my little combo today!! ;-)  Hope your Monday is a little brighter and wish you all a great day!

Can you believe tomorrow is already Valentine's Day!?  Where did the time go!! ;-)

Much Love,


  1. Great combo Crystal!!! Such a fun mani!

  2. So COOL. Normally this shade of green I'd shy away from but I like it!

  3. Thank you Marisa!! I thought so too!!

    And thank you Tracy! I agree!! I think the lime green doesn't look right on me, but this is a great alternative! The dark compliments it so well!!!

  4. This is gorgeous, I love that it translates so well with even just one coat. What an awesome colour!!

  5. I'm going through your blog because it's great!
    I've never considered buying this Lynnderella polish but now I really want it!! The layering combo you did is amazing!!!!!

  6. Thank you Saira!! I agree! I figured I'd need at least 2 coats, but one is just perfect!

    Thank you Karine! That is such a compliment! I really appreciate it! I love your blog! This is one I thought I didn't need either, but so glad I changed my mind!! ;-) Glad you like the combo!!