Thursday, February 2, 2012

Clarins 230 - Unicorn Pee

Do you think Clarins knew back when they created 230 that people would be spending $60-100 on just one bottle? I'm going to go with They should have had a better marketing executive out there so they'd be getting the ridiculous amounts of cash instead of eBay sellers!

I can't even recall when I first learned of UP, but I knew I loved it instantly. How could you not? I mean, even as I type this, I'm pausing for glances at this mani!

So of course when you want something, it seems like it's everywhere around you, except in your hands! Hehe! Lots of people began posting about it, but I believe Erika from Chloe's Nails (you can find her - Here) was the one that talked about how she found it on eBay for $59.99. Now, I realize I'm crazy, but that is just shocking.  Even still, I kept one eye out, thinking of this polish in the back of my mind!!

It was a week before my birthday and my then fiancé asked what I wanted. I told him Unicorn Pee. He gave me a questioning look, so I explained. I knew it was expensive, but that was really the only thing I wanted. I truly love rare polishes.

Not everyone agrees to spend that kind of money on one bottle of polish, and I completely understand and respect that!! I never thought the day would come that I would either, but I am thrilled with my gift. It's so very special and the fact that it was from my love makes it even better!! :-)

My birthday was back in August, so I've had it for a little while. I really only used when I first got it, and it's been sitting in it's pretty little home since. I bought Misa It's You! during my haul to Head 2 Toe Beauty and thought these two would be a perfect pair!! 2 coats of It's You! and 1 coat of 230.

It's You! is gorgeous on it's own! It is purple and green shimmer particles when you look directly at it, but as you shift, it changes to either all purple or all green.

Then with 230 over top, my nails just glowed!! 230 has the most beautiful shimmers I have ever seen! It's like tiny little fire flecks that fight each other over which color to shine!! It really is every color of the rainbow!! And so much better than regular shimmer polish.  I have no idea what is used to give this polish such a unique finish!

I dug this out because there has been so much talk of Max Factor Fantasy Fire.  I hope there will be some comparisons!  I'm dying to see if it really is a dupe!! ;-) 

Since there are so many pictures, I opted to keep them all together today! Oh and they are extra big for detail! 

Here are a few pictures of Misa It's You!

The rest of these pictures are 2 coats of 230 over It's You!

Thank you for reading and I sincerely hoped you enjoyed!  I'm so glad to see new people following every day!  It honestly makes my day!

Much Love,


  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! You can't see it, but I am bouncing in my seat with giddiness! Love this!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I see why you love it so much. Now, for $60, I'll just enjoy your pics and leave it at that, lol. Great swatches hon!

  3. great post! The price is horrible and I still hesitating whether to buy it or not. But on the other hand, I have the same situation with some Chanel limited edition nail polishes:( The price goes as high as $150. I think it worth buying if you have not so many nail polishes as I do. I would probably use it max 5 times within a year, if not less.

  4. LOL Lissa! You are too cute!! Glad you liked it!!

    Thanks Marisa!!! ;-)

    Katie, That is crazy!! I wish companies would just recreate these beauties, you know!? lol the lemming can drive us insane, or make us broke ;-) lol Hope you get what you are looking for!!