Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Lynnderella? Why Not?!!!

Last weekend, I had lots of fun with Lynnderella. Today I have another special color to show you!!  I a paired Mercury's Rainbow with a gorgeous Cult Nails color, Awakening.  I knew I'd need a dark color for Mercury's Rainbow, but I didn't want to have black or a dark grey.  I thought Awakening would be great to give my nails a unique look!

2 Coats of Awakening - so glossy!!!

Part of the reason why Mercury's Rainbow is so pretty to me is because of the amazing holographic effect the glitter has.  I don't think I'll ever get sick of looking at something that sparkles so lovely!  This color has a charcoal base that contains holographic shimmer dust that in these photos almost looks silver, but it does sparkle beautifully in person.  The majority of the polish is the large hexagons.  This polish lays perfectly onto the nail from the brush.  I really didn't have to dab the glitters into place, maybe slightly reswipe the brush, but overall they laid nicely with one coat.

1 Coat of Mercury's Rainbow over 2 coats of Awakening

I love the way the teal still comes through!  It makes it very interesting to look.  At first you may not notice the glitter, but when the light hits, it's hard not to notice!  The glitter almost dances as I move my fingers.  It is a beautiful creation!!

with flash

I think part of the fun of Lynnderella is trying to find a base that will bring even more love to her creations.  I know they've been hard to come by, but what makes them so special is that Lynn hand pours all her own polish.  Amazing, right?  Her blog is here.  I am happy to see this kind of work and have been noticing a lot of others creating their own polishes too.  Something about those unique frankens makes them so much better than a large company's color that everyone is spotted wearing.  Don't get me wrong, I have a love for all polish.  It's just makes me smile a little bit to know us girls in the polish community get to see such amazing things!!

Again, for we hope to see Leah Ann (Llarowe) have these available on her new site.  Especially the new collection coming out!!  They look lovely! Which fits, because Lynn's theme is Lovely Is, As Lovely Does! ;-)  Hope you all enjoyed!!  I love all of your comments and appreciate them so much!! And so glad to welcome all the new friends coming to visit my blog!!

Much Love,


  1. Crystal, this is so gorgeous! I can hardly wait to order some of these glitters!

  2. Looks like China Glaze's Techno?
    Cute nonetheless.

  3. Thank you Tracy!! ;-) I hope you get some soon!! They are so much fun!!!! :-D You'll love them!

    Lizzy, I think they're similar with the holographic glitter, but Techno's may be a tad bigger. Also the Techno base is clear instead of the charcoal, but otherwise, very very similar! ;-)