Monday, February 27, 2012

GOSH Golden Brown and Rusty

Golden Brown - 2 coats, 1 Poshe top coat

Today I have 2 of the 6 GOSH polishes I received in a swap from Lindsay at Polish & Diamonds.  I decided to break these into 3 posts because I have so many pictures!  And who doesn't love pictures!?  So today I am featuring Golden Brown and Rusty.  And I must say, these two went on perfectly!  I didn't even do any clean up on these!  The brush is a bit tinier than most, but it gave me great precision!  Both only needed 2 coats, which I actually thought Golden Brown would need at least 3!  I think they were even nice at 1 coat, which really surprised me.  Both received a nice thick coat of Poshe top coat to give them extra shine!

Now, go ahead and call me crazy, but Golden Brown made me think of blonde hair! LOL So below is a picture of my hair with the mani.  Don't they sort of look similar!?   I know it's not perfect, but that is just what I am forever going to associate this color with now :-) lol!

Next is Rusty, a gorgeous "red head" color!  hehe but it is stunning!  It has these extra little pieces of shimmer in it, giving it extra sparkle!  It also reminded me of a shiny new penny!

Rusty - 2 coats, 1 Poshe top coat

These are wonderful new additions to my collection!  And the formula is great!  I hope your excited for the two purples tomorrow!! :-)

Have a great Monday!  Isn't hard to believe how quick the weekend goes by!?  If only we had an extra day or two!  Maybe I'd been able to relax more and get everything done that I needed too! lol

Much Love,


  1. These are both gorgeous colors!!! Golden Brown is my favorite though. And yes, it goes perfectly with your hair, lol.

  2. Both are super pretty! I really like GOSH's formula! Can't wait to see the rest of them :)

  3. Both beautiful. I'm not a big fan of gold, but I love the first polish. matches your hair color well.

  4. I likey!! Both of them! I've never tried Gosh polish, but I am going to now!

  5. Lol Marisa! At least I'm not *too* crazy!!!! Thank you! I love them too! Was nervous at first from pics, so glad I picked them!!

    Nory O., I love the formula too! And their brushes!! I feel like it applies on it's own! I love when I find good polishes like that!!

    Thank you so much Lizzy!! I really am not a gold Jewelers wearer, but in polish, I've come around!! These I feel like looks nice on me, but I do have a few others that aren't as flattering unfortunately!!

    Thank you Tracy!! I do love it and hope you do too!! And by it, I mean all of them! Haha

  6. I can see the resemblance between your nails and hair with the Golden Brown! I like them both equally, and they both look so good on you :)