Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick Update

Hi Everyone!

These last couple of months have been challenging to say the least!  I am sorry that I haven't been here as regularly as before, but I do hope to get back to that.  I've been trying to focus more on my home, improving and doing more, as I've often let my husband take more of the responsibility of chores!  How unfair is that?!  My full time job has also been demanding, but I am thankful to have a place of employment.  And finally, I am continuing to be active at the gym!  Unfortunately, my hobby and passion of blogging has taken a bit of the backseat as I try to manage my life right now.  I had hoped a break would help me come back more focused, but really it just made me notice how little I have contributed to my husband and my household over the past year.  I really admire those women (and men) out there who do it all and do it so well!  And the ones with children?  You are my hero! ;-)

I wanted to share this because you, my dear readers, mean so much to me.  I do have a few more personal things that I'm working through, but nothing to be too concerned about.  My stress has overall been high and as much as I love swatching, blogging, and social media, it has all overwhelmed me a lot these past couple of months.  Something that has always been fun for me, started to become a chore and a lot of pressure.  I put the pressure on myself, so it was necessary to give myself some time away to be able to enjoy it again.  However, in that time, I took on reviews that I thought I could handle, but instead I became extremely behind.  I do realize how unprofessional and rude that is, but all I can do is apologize and continue working through the reviews.

My blog has grown a lot this past year, which has allowed me to reach so many wonderful people!  It's truly a blessing, and I'm extremely lucky to have such supportive friends and fans here.  I used to go through so many hobbies before I found blogging and polish.  Being a part of this community has worked it's way into my heart and life, so I'm not going anywhere.  I do wish I could say that starting now, I'll be back, perfectly on track, but I'm taking things slow, day by day. :-)  Thank you for being so patient and understanding with me.  I can't wait to share these wonderful polishes with you!

I hope you all have been enjoying the summer so far!  I'm very happy to say that I have been.  Although things have been busy, I am very glad to be spending more time with my husband, friends, and family!

Much Love,



  1. You are doing a fabulous job, and I think you deserve a ton of credit! Give yourself a break. It's impossible to do it all. I'm glad you're enjoying the extra time with your friends and family. *hugs*

  2. I think you're doing a great job, too. I came to feel both torn and overwhelmed. I felt overwhelmed from having so much to do, plus of course, life and personal issues and getting sick, etc. I felt torn because time blogging was time I wasn't spending on my husband, dogs, home, exercising, etc. I also took time off from blogging and media, especially when I got sick, and I am coming back gradually. I am really impressed by your blog, and I am even more impressed that you are striving to have balance and that you are so devoted to your husband. We are all lucky to have you share your life, art and precious time with us.