Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Hello Everyone!!  I have to apologize, but I am getting sick!  I laid in bed most of the night last night and decided just to give in and stay there!!  Mr. CC started getting it yesterday and almost just as quickly I got it last night :-(  I'm going to try to pump lots of vitamin C though, so I don't get it too bad!!  Hope you all are staying healthy out there!  I am almost never sick, so I guess it's my turn!

Sorry to all those I owe reviews to!! I will have them posted shortly!!  The Holiday's have been crazy, but I hope to get back on track very soon! ;-)

Have a great day!!
Much Love,


  1. Get well soon hun and happy new year!

  2. Hope you and Mr CC feel better soon. Take good care and especially to Mr CC.. He needs extra tender care too <3 Sending hugs and keeping both in my prayers.. hugs*