Thursday, January 17, 2013

Different Dimension - Scarlet & Grey

Hello Everyone!!  I have an oldie that I swatched for you today!!  Since I paint my nails daily, and when swatching, sometimes do 3-4 colors for fun, I often have so much to post but not enough time to post it!!  Then things sit unposted and I usually forget about them because I'm onto the new color.  So the other day I went through my pictures and found a lot of great colors that I haven't shared with you!!  Silly me!!  So I'm going to try to throw some of these into the mix so that you guys can see them!!!  Today I have Scarlet & Grey by Different Dimension.
I remember swatching this probably at the beginning of winter.  I took pictures in the early morning sun before work.  We had a lot of grey the last few months (no snow luckily - *knock on wood*), so sun really hasn't been around for me to swatch!!  Plus I really do love my light box pictures - and I hope you guys are enjoying them too.
I really like this mix, so I wanted to share it with you!!  This is 2 coats with Seche Vite top coat.   The larger hexagons are so fun mixed with the smaller glitters.
Missi, the owner, describes it as: Whether you're an Ohio State, University of Indianapolis, or a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan - the list goes on & on from college, to Pro, back to high school!! This is the perfect polish to show your support for your team!  This polish has a creamy grey base with ultrafine red glitter, different sizes of red hexes and white hexes throughout!
You can purchase this on Etsy at Different Dimension.  Polishes are usually $8.50, but this happens to be on sale for $5.00 (along with a few others as well)!!!  Yay!! 
Also, I have seen Missi do a ton of promotions!!!  Who doesn't love a great sale? I recommend following Different Dimension on Facebook or follow @missibarry on Twitter and Instagram!! You can find some really great deals to try these beauties out!
I guess my nails are getting long!! I guess I'm used to it, but looking at this they look so nub-a-licious! haha ;-)
Close up!!  Not the clearest, but I still love all the glitters!
I hope you enjoyed this look at Different Dimension!  Make sure you head to Different Dimension on Etsy to check out all the sale items!!
Have a great day!!
Much Love,

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  1. I think you can wear this if you're a Diet Coke fan, too! :) I love this!!