Tuesday, October 12, 2021

'Blindness' by Crystal @CrazyCombos

December 13, 2020

✨ Blindness ✨
There are those that are unable to see,
Some that wander, wondering where they should be,
Our minds so overwhelmed like a maze,
Trying to break through the foggy haze.
It isn’t until you hear the voice inside,
When you listen, and have no place to hide,
Only then can we find ourselves and share love,
Two of the greatest gifts given from above.
Finding balance is key,
Learning who we are meant to be.
Don’t forget what power can do,
Give into ego and you lose you.
We forget the gifts we’ve received,
And would rather believe we’ve been deceived.
If only we each did what was right,
Maybe then we’d have no reason to fight.


Pardon my scribbles but I free hand wrote THIS journal entry almost a year ago. Barb at convinced me to share in the spirit of the recent new moon in Libra so please enjoy! Use these words to see the beauty I see in each and every one of you. You have to see it in yourself though. Please don’t be blind to all that power within and let your technicolor brightness shine 🙏🏻🌈✨

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