Friday, April 12, 2013

Shimmer Polish - Tape Manis - Week 4

Happy Friday everyone!!  So since it's Friday, we know what that means!!!  TAPE MANI!!! :-)  This is week four out of ten!  Cindy, the owner, was so kind to send me these to show you all!  I am having so much fun coming up with combinations!  I hope you all are enjoying what I've come up with so far!!

Today we are looking at Jennifer!  Here are a couple bottle shots!

You can purchase Shimmer Polish HERE on Etsy. You can also visit the
Shimmer Polish Blog! for information and lots of swatches! And you can also stay up to date with
Shimmer Polish on Facebook and on Twitter - @ShimmerPolish.

I started with a base of Cult Nails Let's Get Dirty, using 2 coats.  Here it is with no top coat. (This will be reviewed separately soon!)

I then added a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Once that is dry, probably about 20 minutes or so, it's safe to use the tape! Of course, the longer you wait, there is less of a chance for smudges! If you are going to do a tape mani after wearing the polish for a day or two, I recommend reapplying the top coat to prevent the tape from pulling any of the original color with it!

When I do a tape mani, I apply the tape to my hand a few times to remove some of the tackiness of the tape. I lay it diagonally on the nail and with the clear tape, you can make sure the edges are flat against the nail. I do each nail individually with tape, then apply the polish. Once applied, I remove the tape and move the next nail. By the time that is finished, I add top coat (KBShimmer Clearly on Top) and BAM - Tape Mani!!!

I just love the glitters in this!!  They are very reflective, giving a beautiful glitz and glam feel!  The glitters are almost pastel in blue, orange, green, and purple.

There are some iridescent glitters in here too!  So beautiful!

Close ups!!

I love the tiny little squares!! And I love how these two look together!

 In case you missed the previous manis, Candace is HERE!, Julie is HERE!, and Irene is HERE!


I hope you are enjoying the Shimmer Polish tape manis so far!! Please check back next week for the next tape mani! ;-)

In case you missed above, you can purchase Shimmer Polish HERE on Etsy. You can also visit the
Shimmer Polish Blog for information and lots of swatches! And you can also stay up to date with
Shimmer Polish on Facebook and on Twitter - @ShimmerPolish.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Much Love,

*This polish was sent to me for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*


  1. Very cool look! I need to try this. I think I may be able to handle this kind of nail art:)